chapter  7
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A Parallel Evolution: The Southern Africa Project of the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law, 1968–1994


This chapter argues that the phenomenon of separation and internal migration patterns along race lines has simply morphed into more abstract forms, specifically the social and recreational involvement and engagement of White people in Kenya's urban spaces. It examines the separation of social and recreational spaces along race lines in Nairobi, Kenya, contesting the image of a race-unified Kenya, while exploring the forces behind urban social space separations. The chapter uses the terms "African Kenyans" or "Africans" and "White Kenyans" or "Whites" deliberately for ease of distinguishing between these two races that are residents of Kenya. It is important to historicize the presence of Europeans in present day Nairobi, the city that is the focus of this chapter. While it is a wide history spanning centuries, this chapter focuses on the establishment of their presence in Nairobi city and their connection to and influences on the occupation of different spaces by Whites and Africans during colonialism and after.