chapter  1
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Marx’s concept of radical needs in the guise of queer desire


This chapter explores the marginalization of class within sexuality studies and discusses the class analysis that contributes towards the imagination of more just economies of desire. It suggests that a class-sensitive critique of contemporary sexual politics would benefit from a holistic perspective that integrates both cultural and economic approaches to class. By challenging the neglect of the material and subjective dimensions of class within sexuality studies, that draws critical attention to the limitations of concept of homonormativity. The need to recognize the resilience of such stereotypes and the marginalization of working-class experiences within discussions of the sexual politics of neoliberalism. The critical work on the eroticization of the working class within gay chavinism has questioned the way that homosexuality is equated with a middle-class subjectivities. One recent example of work that has foregrounded agency and desire in the context of classed sexual labour in a transnational context is Collins' essay on the sexual politics of hospitality labour in Manila.