chapter  6
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College Women, Sexual Violence, and HIV/STI Prevention


Social constructionism argues that knowledge is a product of a particular culture or society. The social construction of health and illness is central to medical sociology and helps one gain a better understanding of how social forces shape ideas of health, diagnosis, disease, illness, and death. Researchers suggest that Black sub communities' behaviors are best understood by emphasizing HIV (Human Immune deficiency Virus) /AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Virus) related behaviors in the larger Black community. The general public's common sense about AIDS in Black communities largely derives from the mainstream media, not the public health or social sciences literature. According to Malebranche, the public health community has yet to fully examine the intersecting issues of racism, sexuality and sexual identification, homophobia, poverty, gender roles norms, disclosure, and masculinity in the lives of Black men. Black religious institutions would be the ideal place for health promotion activities and AIDS awareness programs.