chapter  2
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Of Problem Moderns and Excluded Moderns

On the Essential Hybridity of Modernity *
WithOlúfẹ́mi Táíwò

This chapter argues that the critiques of the racism of the philosophy canon have been vitiated by the idols of philosophy's theater. It also argues that relation to the canons of the Euro-American philosophical tradition. Excluded moderns are those real and putative victims of modernity who, simultaneously, embrace modernity and enact their "J'accuse" from very firm, immanent modern vantage points. Both the canon and those who continue to work with it have had a problem dealing with global African responses to the tarnished legacy of the Enlightenment. The same is true of the colonized when colonialism came on the heels of the abolition of the slave trade and slavery. Africans who accepted modernity wanted to marry the best of their indigenous inheritance with the best of their conflicted legacy from slavery and, later, colonialism.