chapter  32
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Racism and Coloniality

The Invention of “HUMAN(ITY)” and the Three Pillars of the Colonial Matrix of Power (Racism, Sexism, and Nature)
WithWalter D. Mignolo

Racism is one fundamental aspect of the logic of coloniality: someone who has the privilege to classify and someone who has to endure classification. The foundation of modern racism is tantamount to the foundation of sexism and the invention of nature to classify the marvelous multiplicity of life on the planet. The idea of Human in Western civilization presupposes masculinity, which set the standards for classifying sexual lesser humans. Sexual classification had further ramifications. The invention of Women in Medieval Europe created a double hierarchy: woman lesser than man and witches lesser than woman. The chapter examines several instances to reveal the logic underlying the invention of racial, sexual and natural differences among the species of languaging living organisms and the difference that a numerical minority of these organisms, through languaging, separated themselves from nature. It aims to delink and liberate from the ontology of beings and to relink it to "vincularidad of the living and of life."