chapter  35
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Philosophy of Race and the Ethics of Immigration

WithJosé Jorge Mendoza

Philosophers who specialize in issues of race and racism have also demonstrated a growing interest in immigration. These philosophers, however, have been more concerned with showing how race-neutral immigration policies can nonetheless generate discriminatory outcomes. This chapter provides a general overview of the philosophical literature on immigration from both an ethics of immigration and philosophy of race perspective. It also provides an underappreciated argument for limiting the discretion states are normally thought to enjoy with respect to immigration. The advantage of adopting an account like Yeng's is similar to adopting Sheth's; it explains why the discrimination faced by Latino/as and Middle Eastern and South Asian Americans is racist even though it results from the implementation of race-neutral immigration policies. Yeng's account, however, has the added advantage of being able to avoid the objection leveled against Sheth— of avoiding similarly situated social groups from counting as races.