chapter  7
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At the Intersections

Existentialism, Critical Philosophies of Race, and Feminism
WithKathryn T. Gines

This chapter explores how the idea of existentialism— thought as a method of inquiry and community of inquirers— changes when viewed at the intersections of critical philosophies of race and feminist philosophies. It argues that existentialism as a method of inquiry and community of inquirers is expanded, enhanced, and enriched by the existential insights of a broader range of philosophical figures. The chapter presents "Existentialism as a Method of Inquiry and Community of Inquirers" considers dominant representations of existentialism as European in origin and the ways in which this myopic representation of existentialism is perpetuated in anthologies from the 1950s to 2008. It highlights the critical interventions to expand existentialism in the United States context by Lewis Gordon, and critical philosophies of race, and Margaret Simons and feminist philosophies engaged with issues of race. The chapter provides examples of analyses of existentialism in modern fiction in China, Japan, and India, as well as in the music of Trich Cong Son.