chapter  6
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The organisational landscape of HIV/AIDS NGOs in


As an introduction to the discussion of the case study findings, this chapter aims to provide an overview of the Russian HIV/AIDS sector, which includes all NGOs working in the area of HIV/AIDS prevention, treatment, care and support in Russia. First, the chapter will illustrate the main characteristics of HIV/AIDS NGOs shared by the sector as a whole. Second, a classification of the organisations will be developed, which allows for a better understanding of the different types of HIV/AIDS NGOs based on their interaction with state institutions and society. Third, the chapter will elaborate a theoretical framework for the analysis of the organisations and their influence strategies with regard to the response to HIV/AIDS in Russia. This framework of analysis will in the following chapters serve as a guideline for the discussion of the case studies findings. Overall, the chapter poses three questions: (1) What types of NGOs have emerged in the response to the Russian HIV/AIDS epidemic? (2) What are their main characteristics? and (3) Which aspects need to be taken into account when analysing the influence strategies of HIV/AIDS NGOs in Russia and evaluating their contribution to HIV/AIDS policy-making? The chapter will close with a discussion of some general issues relevant to the work of HIV/AIDS NGOs in Russia.