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WithBrett McCormick

This conclusion presents some closing thoughts on the concepts discussed in the various chapter of this book. This book synthesizes the domestic and international dimensions of China's strategic priorities. It focuses on Chinese domestic issues that impact China's international relations. The book explores new areas of international engagement, and proposes new methods of analysis. The book illuminates fundamental details in tense current affairs and reenvisioned analysis of historical context. The book analyzes Chinese international issues that impact international relations as a whole. The book identifies the relative significance of China's continental priorities contrasted with maritime priorities. The United States of America's (US) drawdown in Central Asia in the postIraq, post-Osama bin Laden, postAfghanistan years has inaugurated new spaces for cooperation, and competition, between China and its continental neighbors. The expansion of China's foreign policy concerns, geographically and conceptually, has introduced multiple new routes for analysis.