chapter  6
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China’s relations with India

Great power statecraft and territory
WithJonathan H. Ping

This chapter discusses relations between the People's Republic of China (PRC) and the Republic of India. It provides a strategic rationale and suggests methods for solving the China-India border dispute through a theoretical approach. This theoretically orientated approach is practical and viable through the use of the eccentric discipline of the global political economy (GPE). The rapid development of China, its relative size, and its dependence on the GPE result in the border dispute constituting a systemic failure and threat to the stability and further development of the GPE. Prior to the arrival of European maritime powers in Asia, the Industrial Revolution in Europe, and the American Revolution, the Indian and Chinese political economies were the largest and most productive. Their contribution to global gross domestic product (GDP) declined until the later part of the twentieth century, and since then it has been growing rapidly.