chapter  9
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Old age care concerns and state–society relations in China: public anxiety and state paternalism


Introduction A revolution in rising expectations is happening in China. For more than three decades China has enjoyed a remarkable period of hyper-growth and this growth has helped the Chinese ruling elite enjoy an extraordinary level of public support (Shi 2001; Tang 2005). Against the background of the global economic crisis and continuing Chinese economic buoyancy, it is no surprise that the Chinese public continues to show such support for the country’s direction of development (see Figure 9.1 ). According to a tracking opinion survey conducted by Horizon Research Consultancy Group, one of China’s leading independent survey organisations, the percentage of respondents who said they approved of China’s direction of development (as well as the country’s economic situation, not shown here) has been at nearly 80 per cent between 2004 and 2010, dipping only slightly in 2010.