The Netherlands
From awareness to realization
ByHarmen Groenhart, Huub Evers
Pages 10

In the Netherlands, there is an increasing awareness of media accountability. Both the profession and the public recognize the relevance of transparency and effective self-regulation, and the government strongly calls for more media accountability. However, the present status of media accountability is ambiguous. On the one hand, it is far from being mature and equally integrated into the media landscape. Using, installing or even creating MAIs is not the highest priority, so it remains on the to-do list for many news organizations. On the other hand, some developments in the media landscape suggest a shift towards more openness and responsiveness. Traditional MAIs are being adjusted to new demands and newsrooms increasingly publish information about their policies and processes behind the scene. Moreover, some newsroom innovations pave the way for a more mature and effective state of media accountability. In this era of immediate, unlimited communication and demanding citizens, it seems probable to expect even more awareness of media accountability, resulting in more transparency and useful interaction with the public.