chapter  2
Embodied Narratives: Being with the Sea
ByBarbara Humberstone
Pages 14

This chapter discusses the hierarchal interactions that exist in the surf zone, and how power is distributed between bodyboarders and stand-up surfers. Ford and Mike Brown identify young, male, short-board riders as having the most status and respect in the surfing field, with female surfers, older surfers, long-boarders, bodyboarders and surf-ski riders typically holding positions of less respect. Hierarchies and power relations between bodyboarders and short-board surfers are ever present, and status in the surf is often dependent on physical capital and ability to negotiate space. Despite the initial introduction of bodyboarding being negative, Stranger highlights the competent bodyboarding community and gives a glimpse into how some bodyboarders negotiate space in the surf in some areas of Australia. Highly committed and proficient surfers and bodyboarders will conduct extensive research and go to great lengths to search for and access waves that can provide the best opportunities for 'getting barrelled'.