chapter  3
Sensations of Place: Artist Altered Environments
ByLiz Wells
Pages 38

Finnish photographer Pekka Luukkola is interested in exploring our responses to our environment and ways of suggesting this photographically. In Sense of Time he uses light to register movement. For ‘Rowing’ flares were attached to the oars of a boat, the photograph tracing shapes in the water as the rower curves round the forest boundary. Long exposure allows for the journey to be documented in a single image and shooting at twilight emphasizes the reflection of light.

what we see of a landscape is only superficial, whereas we can give it depth and a time dimension through what we feel and think about it. A photograph can record a landscape as it is, but it can also be an instrument for viewing it from a new perspective, assigning it new meanings or deriving new experiences from it.

(Luukkola, 2012: 7)