chapter  4
Beyond the laboratory thesis: Gaza as transmission belt for war and security technology
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This chapter shows how Israel’s Gaza regime contains a wide spectrum of security practices moulded on a Zionist idea of ethnic separation between Israeli Jews and Palestinians. By examining the overlapping geographical, technological and political infrastructures of Israel’s policing of the Gaza Strip, and their connection to exports to other places worldwide, the chapter contributes to our understanding of the ‘global making of policing’ (Hönke and Müller, this volume). The chapter argues that the link between Israel’s colonial practices in Gaza and their diffusion into other missions of policing is grounded in the deep structures of inequality ingrained in Israel’s rule over Gaza. Based on empirical data collected at arms fairs1, through interviews with 15

representatives and owners of security companies in Israel as well as promotional material, this analysis will unravel how security technologies developed in Gaza traverse the globe to police, control and ‘accumulate by dispossession’ (Harvey, 2003; see also Arrighi, 2003) in other locations. Israel’s role in establishing global trends of policing are closely related to the Gaza Strip. Consequently, it is shown how the colonized enclave of Gaza functions as a transnational field for the creation and transmission of policing practices to other localities. The chapter hence illustrates how logics of policing in the colony and metropole are interwoven and grow out of the same political dynamics. While the resulting practices of policing are routinely highlighted by the industry in their promotional efforts at arms fairs and online, as well as by critical activists (see for example Johnson, 2012; Cook, 2013; Hever, 2014), there is little work on the relationships between Israel’s “material theatre of war” (Weizmann, 2007), the advance of homeland security (HLS) technology, and the ways in which these technologies are dispersed to other sites of control, war and policing.