chapter  14
Sustainable Operations
ByTharanga K. Rajapakshe, Asoo J. Vakharia, Lan Wang, Arda Yenipazarli
Pages 15

This chapter discusses current research and practice in the areas of product/process development and design, (forward and reverse) supply chains, and environmental legislation, respectively. The chapter describes prior research studies that have addressed key sustainability issues relating to product design and process development. A multitude of papers examine issues related to the management of sustainable supply chains. These contributions are described and categorized in terms of whether they focus on forward or reverse supply chains. The chapter highlights the major contributions related to network design, managing the collections process, and remanufacturing. Customer demand for green products is increasingly pronounced to create far-reaching opportunities for businesses to promote their greener offerings and introduce profitable new ones. There is another stream analyzing how the policy instruments impact the incentive of supply chain members as well as the environmentally favorable design.