chapter  2
The Role of the Gates Foundation and the Philanthropic Sector in Shaping the Emerging Education Market: Lessons from the US on Privatization of Schools and Education Governance
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This chapter concerns the direction of the conversation about public education currently taking place in most of the Western world. The initial question of this chapter about the very possibility of establishing Public Private Partnerships (PPPs) in education can then be answered positively, with Teach For All as an exemplary model. PPPs in education become not only possible, but commonsensically necessary. Teach For All is a global network of independent social enterprises that are working to expand educational opportunity in their nations by enlisting their most promising future leaders in the effort. The naturalness with which PPPs are proposed as solution to social issues is indicative of the difficulty of seeing where the boundaries lie. The capitalist State has always been implicated in the production of the conditions needed for the market to exist, and, as such, has always had a foot in the private.