chapter  8
Knowledge Production and the Rise of Consultocracy in Education Policymaking in England
Pages 17

This chapter examines the GEMS group, its approach to education, and its impact on key stakeholders in the UAE. It provides a detailed view of Global Education Management Systems (GEMS), including its corporate structure, marketing practices, and networks of influence. The chapter argues that the for-profit company has philosophies and practices that lead to social segregation, widening disparities between rich and poor and, due to its market dominance, exposes the UAE government and residents to significant risks if operations should suddenly cease. As a result, private education providers, in particular for-profit ones, flourished in the region and none more so than GEMS. Poorer families will receive the inferior good and, rather than education serving as the great leveler, it will in fact exacerbate existing inequalities. Through its economy, business, and first class approach to education GEMS has privileged the wealthy family over the poorer one.