chapter  8
Residents’ Attitudes towards Tourism Development in Cape Verde Islands
ByIslands Manuel Alector Ribeiro, Patrícia Oom do Valle & João Albino Silva
Pages 26

The Republic of Cape Verde is a small archipelagic state of volcanic origin, located in the Macronesia region of the North Atlantic Ocean, around 500 kilometres from Western Africa. Tourism is a relatively recent phenomenon in Cape Verde and it has shown a strong dynamic in the formation of both income and employment. Hence, it represented 21% of GDP in 2010 (Banco de Cabo Verde 2011), and the sector is continuing to grow, with diverse projects currently underway in the islands (Sarmento 2008; Lo´pez-Guzma´n et al. 2011). The exponential increase of visitors and the growing attention to this socioeconomic sector, classified as strategic by the

government, tourism-related business and the local community, have led to an intensification of research in the tourism sector in Cape Verde. This research has mainly focused on aspects of the tourism offer and demand, with some studies assessing tourists’ motivations and satisfaction (Carvalho 2010; Lo´pez-Guzma´n et al. 2011).