chapter  1
The rule of law grounded in the Earth: ecological integrity as a grundnorm
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This chapter describes Canadian version of the movie Avatar. Anyone who has seen the highest grossing blockbuster movie of all time will recognize the parallels between its plotline and issues concerning the environment, natural resource development and indigenous peoples in Canada. Historically in Canada it was accepted that developers could run roughshod over First Nations communities with impunity while exploiting resources on traditional hunting and fishing sites with very little. Aboriginal peoples are often seen, and see themselves, as front-line protectors of the environment. This is because an aspect of aboriginal culture is its special relationship with the land that involves responsibility to preserve it for the survival of future generations. It is a relationship built over thousands of years of respect and trust. James Cameron portrayed this relationship in a scene where the human character that had adopted the form of an avatar in order to infiltrate the tribe, decided to join them instead.