chapter  10
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Differences not disputes

India’s view of the border after 1962
WithRishika Chauhan

Resolving the India–China border dispute has been termed central to the relationship. In the post-1962 period several attempts have been made to achieve that end. Institutionalized mechanisms have been formed to conduct regular talks on the border. However, in the absence of a common understanding of the border, Chinese transgressions into Indian territory have occurred from time to time. These transgressions have led to Indian resentment and dampened the spirit of cooperation. Nevertheless, the leaders on both sides have persisted with negotiations, maintaining that border differences should not be allowed to turn into disputes. The chapter elucidates the Indian perspective of the border dispute after 1962. It explains how the India–China boundary dispute has progressed through the years, focusing on how border management if not resolution attempts to ensure that differences do not become disputes.