chapter  Six
Disparities and Constraints in Peruvian Education
ByRoger M. Garrett
Pages 21

Disparity and inequality characterise the provision and outcomes of most of the educational systems in the South American Republics and Peru is no exception. Historically, the indigenous Peruvian people have occupied the highlands. One of the most intractable problems to be faced by the Peruvian educational system is the rapidly decaying state of the infrastructure. As a consequence of financial constraint, and despite often heroic efforts, there is little activity within most classrooms other than an uninspired passing on of information. The aforementioned sharp increase in the provision of higher education is luring the more able and better qualified teachers from the schools by offering higher salaries, and improved working conditions; to say nothing of status. Providing schooling in quantitative terms and in respect of basic provisions lacks the quality that distinguishes effective schooling from informal education.