chapter  Nine
Changes in the Chilean Educational System During Eleven Years of Military Government: 1973–1984
ByRuth Aedo-Richmond, Ines Noguera, Mark Richmond
Pages 20

Programme for the Evaluation of School Efficiency has concentrated on producing an annual evaluation of the cognitive and effective objectives throughout the Chilean educational system. The political model which was adopted envisaged an authoritarian military government which would ensure the domination of the country by the armed forces for many years to come. The military government entered a phase of recurrent crisis-management, but this by no means signified the imminent fall of the regime. It is almost impossible to detect any sign of educational progress during the eleven years of military rule. The circumstances which surrounded the takeover in 1973 by the military junta meant that the new regime's policies and actions were initially informed by pragmatic, short-term considerations. The military regime found itself completely secure and facing the need to adapt the structure, functioning and contents of education to the requirements imposed by the global model shaping Chile's development.