chapter  101
Lean construction and safety
WithA. M. Reis, B.V. Zeglin, L.L.G. Vergara
Pages 4

Lean Construction is a philosophy that seeks both to maximize value and minimize waste in the Construction Industry. Work safety, in turn, aims to implement inspection and prevention measures to improve protection to employees. This article aims to identify how Lean Construction practices impacts work safety through the perspectives of workers in the construction industry. Following a qualitative research approach, 15 semi-structured interviews were carried out with professionals with an academic background. It was mandatory that all interviewees were applying Lean Construction principles to construction management, and were responsible to guarantee safety within the construction site. Interviews went then through a rigorous process of content analysis. In this process, three topics of study were categorized as, Planning, Visual Management, and Organization and Cleaning. The results drawn from the careful consideration of this data seems to indicate that work-site safety was positively impacted by the adoption of Lean Construction practices.