chapter  107
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Gas distribution companies: How can knowledge management promote occupational health and safety?

WithC. M. Dufour, A. Draghici

The article proposes a theoretical framework regarding the use of Knowledge Management (KM) in solving specific Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) issues in the context of Gas Distribution Companies (GDCs). GDCs are subject to the constraints of high-risk industries, but also aging workforce (generational turnover) and rapid technological change (technological turnover). The proposed framework was designed by building on the Australian Standard AS 5037-2005 three-phase cycle for development and implementation of knowledge management. After a brief chapter on the history of gas and on the context of GDCs, a short literature review is presented. In this research context, the following chapter will outline the link between KM and OHS in GDCs. In the core of the paper, the authors expose the theoretical framework for OHS knowledge management for GDCs; finally, some conclusions of the research will be drawn.