chapter  14
Maintenance and safety according to the Brazilian performance standard: NBR 15.575
WithM.A.S. Hippert, O.C. Longo
Pages 6

The topic of building maintenance has grown in importance and overcome the culture that a construction process ends upon delivery of the building. Performance Standard NBR 15.575 has driven this discussion in Brazil. This Standard establishes a series of user needs that must be met, including maintainability. Based on a literature review, this article discusses Brazilian maintenance regulations with a focus on work safety. The purpose is to identify the safety requirements that must be considered in order to meet the NBR 15575 maintenance requirements. As a result, safety concerns in the Standard generally refer to access guarantee and the anchoring system. These should be considered at the beginning of a design process, as stated in the literature, so that they can contribute to work safety in a building’s maintenance activities.