chapter  15
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Sensation seeking and risk perception as predictors of physical and psychosocial safety behavior in risk and non-risk professions

WithG. Gonçalves, C. Sousa, M. Pereira, E. Pinto, A. Sousa

This study has as main objective to verify the predictive effect of sensation seeking and risk perception in the safety behaviors in individuals with risk and non-risk professions. Using a sample of 183 participants (Nfemale = 64; Nmale = 119), aged between 17 and 63 years (M = 36.25; SD = 11.27), the results point the sensation seeking personality trait and risk perception as predictors of safety behaviors, only in individuals with non-risk professions. The individuals with higher risk professions are more likely to adopt physical and psychosocial safety behaviors. Gender differences were also found, and it is men who have a higher score on sensation seeking trait, as well as in safety behaviors and their participation.