chapter  17
Psychological health and wellbeing in intralogistics workplaces—an empirical analysis
WithM. Hartwig, E. Mamrot
Pages 5

Flexible and time efficient commissioning, sorting and packing of materials provide the access to individualized products goods worldwide. At the same time, these demands and the ongoing digitalization of work can result in working conditions that are not ideal, especially from a psychological work science point of view. To get an overview of psychologic health relevant aspects in modern intralogistics jobs, this paper analyses the results from the working time survey from the German Institute for Occupational Safety and Health regarding intralogistics employees. In order to identify which psychological demands in terms of working conditions lead to high job satisfaction as well as better health status, descriptive analyses and bivariate correlations were conducted, indicating significant differences between intralogistics and other workplaces. Consistent correlations between working conditions and indicators for mental health also highlight the importance for psychological research and interventions to improve working conditions and in turn mental health and wellbeing of employees in the business.