chapter  21
Tower crane safety: Organizational preventive measures vs. technical conditions
WithJ.A. Carrillo-Castrillo, J.C. Rubio-Romero, M.C. Pardo-Ferreira
Pages 4

The objective is to analyze the circumstances and causes of the accidents with cranes. Data is based on accident reports and official accident investigations of non slight tower crane accidents notified from 2003 to 2008 in Andalusia. Official accident investigation found that over 80% of the causes were latent. Only six accidents of one hundred and eleven could be directly attributed to the poor technical condition of the crane. Two technical conditions were found to be relevant: electrical and stability conditions. Although regulations tend to focus on technical features, our study shows that they are not the origin of most serious crane accidents. In fact, accidents investigated were mainly due to: poor work organization and planning; non-use of personal protection equipment; and improper work supervision by contractors at the construction site. Safety regulations in certain European countries are in need of improvement. Instead of only focusing on the technical conditions of tower cranes, regulations should also include the safe use and operation of this equipment.