chapter  24
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Accidents prevention at home with elderly

WithE.M.G. Lago, B. Barkokébas, F.M. da Cruz, A.R.B. Martins, B.M. Vasconcelos, T. Zlatar, R. Manta, S. Porto

The aging population process is a change in the age structure, causing a larger proportion of elderly people in relation to the total population. The objective of this study was to identify and measure risks and dangers in residences of the over 60 years-old elderly. For the accomplishment of this research, a bibliographical survey was conducted considering scientific articles with statistical data accidents, types and causes. In the second stage, an investigative questionnaire was applied within the elderly population. It surveyed on type of accidents they suffered in their residences, and causes and consequences of those accidents. A checklist was applied in order to identify risks of accidental situations in their home environment. Both results from the field research and literature review indicate falls as the main cause of domestic accidents within the elderly population, which could be avoided with guidance and efforts to make the environment safer.