chapter  25
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Occupational safety and health for workers managing wild animals

WithA.R.B. Martins, B. Barkokébas, E.M.G. Lago, B.M. Vasconcelos, F.M. da Cruz, T. Zlatar, T.C.M. de França, L.R. Pedrosa

The trade of wild animals is considered to be the third largest illegal activity in the world. On the other hand, there are some activities dealing wild animals which are permitted by law, being the case of rescue of specimens of fauna due to public works, production of consumer goods with the attributes of wild animals, or even the maintenance of collections, as zoos for recreation and scientific research. In all cases, there is a contact of animals with the worker which is conducting his daily tasks. Aiming at the preservation and physical integrity of workers, a field research was carried out at a Screening Centre for Wild Animals (CETAS), aiming to evaluate occupational risks inherent in the management of these animals. As a result stand out the biological and accident risks. Preventive measures have been proposed to reduce the workers’ exposure, thus promoting the safe management of wild animals.