chapter  27
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Assessment of air quality in professional kitchens of the city of Coimbra

WithA. Ferreira, A. Lança, D. Barreira, F. Moreira, J.P. Figueiredo

Fumes produced in the confection, represent the most common risk in kitchens, releasing harmful components reflecting on the Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) and the health of the worker. Carbon Monoxide (CO) and Carbon Dioxide (CO2) are particularly significant, among other gases, considering the legislation, in order to verify if concentrations are within limits. The sample for this study was of 8 restaurants, in the county of Coimbra. This is a study of level II, of descriptive and observational type with cross-sectional study. The observed values are above the limit of protection and standard values, mainly at the time of confection, where even a significant increase of the concentrations was verified. We conclude that the worker is exposed to some concentrations of pollutants harmful to health, such as PM10 – Particulate Material with a diameter of 10 mg/m3, PM2,5– Particulate Material with a diameter of 2,5 mg/m3, and high temperatures (°C).