chapter  28
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Analyse of occupational noise and whole-body vibration exposure at bus drivers—case study

WithA. Filipa Teixeira, M. Luísa Matos, Luciana Pedrosa, Paulo Costa

Exposure of urban bus drivers to occupational noise and Whole-Body Vibrations (WBV) is often the cause of discomfort, inability to focus on tasks, stress, hearing loss, development of musculoskeletal diseases and so on. This paper aims to expose profile of noise and WBV in standard bus drivers considering type of pavement and main sources of exposure. This study involved ten drivers and two routes in the city of Porto, Portugal. As for occupational noise, the methodology used was provided in the ISO 9612:2011, in addition to the information available in Law-Decree n° 182/2006. The WBV measurements were taken according to ISO 2631-1(1997) for daily exposure calculation and ISO 2631-5(2004) for the calculation of the SEAT, Sed and R parameters in addition to the information available in Law-Decree n° 46/2006. The calculation of uncertainties was based on the mathematical model defined in the Guia Relacre 21. There were no situations where preventive measures were necessary.