chapter  3
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A systematic literature review on Thermal Response Votes (TSV) and Predicted Mean Vote (PMV)

WithE.E. Broday, A.A. de P. Xavier

The Fanger PMV model is widely used to evaluate Thermal Comfort. However, this model is limited and does not represent reality when compared to people’s real thermal sensations, collected in a field study, in different regions of the world. The aim of this article is to verify, which studies were made and where discrepancies occur between thermal sensation votes and PMV. The main roles of this search consisted of searching for information, definition of inclusion criteria, selection of studies that met these criteria, confirmation of the chosen studies and critical analysis of selected works. The research was conducted in 48 sources of scientific information, resulting in 6718 articles. After applicable exclusion and inclusion criteria, 22 articles were left to be analyzed. It was verified that the discrepancies found did not correspond to just one range of environmental conditions but to several. Due to this problem, some authors suggest procedures to decrease discrepancies and others have developed adaptations and new models to better predict the response of a given group.