chapter  30
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Neuromuscular fatigue assessment in operators performing occupational-transportation/transshipment tasks: A short systematic review

WithT. Sa-ngiamsak, N. Phatrabuddha, T. Yingratanasuk

Transportation sector is one of key contributors in driving the economy. Muscle fatigue in this sector alone can cause numerous losses, in term of occupational safety and health. This study was conducted to give a short review on the state-of-the-art in neuromuscular fatigue assessment and its related-contributing factors, which played a key role in detecting muscle fatigue onset. The searches were performed over 3 available and widely accepted electronics data bases. There were 710 articles found combined with 18 articles sought from search engines. Only 8 were considered exactly relevant. Time domain (RMS, muscle activity) and frequency domain (MNF, MDF), extracted from surface Electromyography, were practically key assessment parameters. Body parts affected from fatigue during occupational tasks varied among active muscles frequently employed, as well as different types of activities being performed. Moreover, other provoking factors also needed to be accounted such as vibration, stress, age and the medical history.