chapter  31
BIM (Building Information Modelling) as a prevention tool in the design and construction phases
WithM. Tender, J.P. Couto, C. Lopes, T. Cunha, R. Reis
Pages 6

BIM tools have been gaining relevance in the development and management of projects. That is not yet the case when it comes to the Health and Safety Plan (HSP) and the Technical File (TF). The current way of managing prevention often results in a long list of procedures that are hard to understand by those who should be implementing them. This whole scenario creates an environment prone to the downgrading of these problems, and it is urgent to take immediate, easy to understand and efficient management measures. This paper shares the results of a test conducted on the “BIMSafety” concept, which is an approach to the use of BIM methodologies in prevention when it comes to the way HSP and TF are presented. To assess the potential of this new approach, the results of a survey conducted on a panel of 42 technicians in the field will be shared. The conclusion reached showed that this methodology streamlines prevention planning, making it easier to understand while integrating prevention and production.