chapter  34
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Exposure to particules in the poultry sector

WithF. Capitão, A. Ferreira, F. Moreira, I.P. Figueiredo

The health and well-being at the workplace are crucial to get a good performance in order to achieve productivity in a company. Specifically in the poultry sector, the worker is exposed to a series of risk factors in the execution of his tasks. The objective of this study was to evaluate workers’ exposure to interior air quality, such as egg laying pavilions and in the sorting center, taking into account particulate matter, as well as to analyze the data collected associating with occupational risk factors in the employees of the poultry sector. The investigation lasted for 8 months (from September 2016 to May 2017). Concerning the collection of the analytical data of the particulate matter in the different jobs, this was carried out from February to April 2017. The study was developed in an activity company of poultry (CAE) located in the district of Santarém. As a sample, three workers were considered in the company, two in egg classification and one in the cleaning and disinfection of egg laying pavilions, being evaluated the quantitative data of the insoluble particles to which they were exposed. Taking into account the results obtained, it was shown that the particulate matter did not in fact present an increased risk to the health and safety of the poultry farmers studied. The levels of exposure to particulate matter were below the reference values, having reduced potential to trigger cardiac and respiratory diseases. As such, the measures that allowed the improvement of the conditions in the work places within the reference values were: general ventilation of the work areas, reduction of the times of exposure and individual protection.