chapter  35
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Scale psychometrics of the Portuguese short and middle length variants of the Copenhagen Psychosocial Questionnaire III pilot study

WithD.A. Coelho, M.L. Lourenço

The Copenhagen Psychosocial Questionnaire (CoPsoQ) has evolved into its third version, as a consequence of the development process of the assessment tool. A cross-sectional study was undertaken of administrative collaborators in 5 higher education institutions in Portugal spread throughout the country. Total number of valid responses was 116, with a low response rate (estimated at 8%), but unveiling the psychometric properties of the scales across the two lengths of the questionnaire. For most scales, the results of internal reliability consistency, support the reductions in scale items between the middle and short lengths of the Portuguese CoPsoQ III. The short version is hence appropriate for use in practitioner assessments, while the middle and long versions are deemed appropriate as research instruments, with a choice between both representing a trade-off between granularity of the results and time required to complete the questionnaire. Scores reported in the article can serve as reference points during future evaluation of results using the CoPsoQ III.