chapter  37
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Levels of non-ionizing radiation in vertical residences in João Pessoa (PB)

WithA.A.R. Silva, L.B. Silva, R.M. Silva, R.B.B. Dias

Previous studies have – suggested an association between exposure to electromagnetic fields, at frequencies between 50 and 60 Hz, which includes the frequency of the local power grid in many countries, and childhood leukemia. This study presents an analysis of the residents’ exposure to nonionizing radiation in vertical residences located in the city of João Pessoa (PB). Magnetic field measurements were made over 24 hours in apartments located on the first floor of buildings with transformer substations at the street level. Measurements were made in two environments, chosen according to the layout of the residences, in the frequency range of 1–100Hz. Through the statistical analysis of the data, it was verified that the residences have a high index of exposure to extremely low frequency magnetic fields (≫ 0.4 μT, in the 60 Hz range), which is potentially harmful to health of its inhabitants according to recent epidemiological studies.