chapter  45
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Occupational risks in hospital sterilization centers

WithA. Ferreira, A. Lança, C. Mendes, M. Sousa, S. Paixão

A Sterilization Center is a vital unit in a hospital context. Its function is to provide contamination-free materials for use in a variety of hospital procedures. The main objective of the present work is to evaluate the occupational risks to which the workers of these centers are exposed to. This study is classified as a “transverse” type. We conclude that there is a clear undervaluation of the workers affected in this sector, as well as the activities carried out. This might be due to the nature of this closed sector, in which people do not interact so much with the external environment, or even since people do not know the relevance of the work in the Sterilization Centers. In addition, it was verified that there are many complaints and health problems reported by workers in this sector, depending on the activities performed there.