chapter  49
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Combined effects of exposure to physical risk factors: Impact on blood oxygen saturation (SpO2) in construction workers

WithF.M. Cruz, P. Arezes, B. Barkokébas, E.B. Martins

The construction industry workers are often exposed to more than one physical risk factor. However, common methods of risk assessment do not consider their combined effects. This paper aims to study the possible synergy between risk factors among construction workers, and its effect on their blood oxygen saturation (SpO2). For that purpose, this study assessed the level of SpO2 in workers conducting 15 full-time operations including usage of excavators, tractors, bucket trucks and cranes. Obtained results show that over the time, each risk factor had distinct and variable influence on oxygen saturation. This analysis is part of a broader project which includes other effects. Therefore, it is expected that at the end of the project would be possible to define the degree of synergy between studied physical risk factors studied and its impact on worker’s health indicators.