chapter  6
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A review on occupational risk in gasification plants processing residues of sewage sludge and refuse-derived fuel

WithO. Alves, M. Gonçalves, P. Brito, E. Monteiro, C. Jacinto

This paper presents a review on Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) issues of gasification plants using residues of sewage sludge and refuse-derived fuel. The survey (2006–2016) consisted of a systematic review of literature retrieved from scientific databases. Despite abundant literature on environmental impacts of gasification plants, few publications focus on OSH aspects. Of these, 16 were considered relevant for the purpose. The results are summarized in a Table that provides a short description and the main findings of each study. It can be concluded that explosion and inhalation of toxic gases are the most common OSH risks reported in gasification processes; apparently, both are considered negligible if safety measures are adopted. Other risks identified comprise the release (and potential inhalation) of heavy metals and harmful tar production, but the main concern is on the environmental impact. Prevention measures mostly include adjusting granulometry to the type of biomass, workers’ training, good ventilation and reliable equipment.