chapter  64
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Workload mental analysis of the workers in a collective road transport company

WithT.G. Lima, F.S.M. Gonçalves, R.M.F. Marinho

In Brazil, the buses are the main mode of public transportation. This paper looks into the Mental Workload of the workers in a collective road transport company in a city from interior of Rio de Janeiro. It has aimed to measure and compare the Mental Workload in two sectors and then, identify the relation between mental workload with work situation using the Ergonomic Work Analysis and NASA-TLX questionnaires. The results showed that administrative employees have high mental demand index, while the mechanic workshop employees have high index of physical demand. Other point is that both sectors have high effort index, because the company are cutting the number of workers. Finally, it was identified three important elements in EAW with high discomfort index: remuneration, noise and lumbar region. These elements were associated with the mental workload and the results showed low frustration and high performance index in all comparisons, directing the company to investigate theses points more properly.