chapter  66
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Facilitators for safety of visually impaired on the displacements in external environments: A systematic review

WithE.R. Araújo, C. Rodrigues, L.B. Martins

Data supplied by the World Health Organization (WHO) show an increasing number of visually impaired in all the world, in other words, unable to perform a simple displacement for day to day activities with safety and comfort. This study analyzes approaches to support the visually impaired in their mobility in the urban environment. Through a systematic review, following the methodology Prisma, in the data sources: PubMed,, and Google Academic. In the studies performed in this review 16 records were included, where it was observed that several assistive technologies are being used to facilitate independent and safe displacement of people with visual impairment, exploring their tactile and auditory capacities. Thus, efforts to improve the performance and soften difficulties of movement of people with visual impairment, which affect their conditions of independence and citizenship, is still a challenge.