chapter  82
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Effects of thermal (dis)comfort on student’s performance: Some evidences based on a study performed in a secondary school

WithM. Talaia, M. Silva, L. Teixeira

In modern society people spend much of their time indoors of building—home, work office/place or schools. Particularly in the case of students, they spend about 80% of their daytime inside of schools, having as theirs main mission the learning of the subjects that are taught in the class. For this mission, the physical and psychological well-being of the student is very important, and the thermal environment of the classroom has an impact on the thermal comfort, which in turn can influence the mission referred above. The present study aims to analyse the influence that the thermal environment can have on the learning process of the students. It was performed in a secondary school, located in central region of Portugal. The obtained results showed that from the thermo-hygrometric data records it is possible to predict the type of thermal environment of a classroom and that the thermal environment and the thermal insulation of the clothing influence the well-being, the thermal sensation and the learning process of the students.