chapter  92
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What kind of lower limb musculoskeletal disorders can be associated with bus driving?

WithM. Cvetković, M.L. Dinis, E. Stojiljković, A. M. Fiuza

Prolonged sitting position (more than 2 hours) with lower limbs static postures may lead to a great variety of consequences, such as venous disorders, cardiovascular diseases, pain after sitting, muscles cramps among others. To accomplish the aim of this study, PRISMA Statement Methodology was used. Thereby 13 Scientific Journals and 11 Index—Database were scanned, through where 5361 works were found, of which 17 were included in this paper. Questionnaires were the main source of data collected on lower limbs musculoskeletal disorders occurrence in city bus drivers. Concerning the aforementioned disorders, neither the laboratory research nor the practical one has been studied well enough. Potential symptoms of musculoskeletal disorders of bus drivers’ lower limbs could be: venous disorders, joint edema, lower limbs muscle pain, changes in knee bone density, knee meniscus and cartilage damage as well as and osteoarthritis, among others.