chapter  94
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Occupational activity on blood pressure profile

WithJ. Pereira, R. Souza, H. Simões

Hypertension (HT) is an important risk factor for cardiovascular disease, which can suffer alterations resulting of lifestyle and working conditions of individuals. It has been verified in some workers, variations in blood pressure due to professional features and stress faced at work.

Evaluate, in working individuals, the influence of working conditions (stress and risk factors) and mild physical exercise on blood pressure.

The sample consisted of 19 subjects aged between 28 and 59 years, of which 15 were female (78.9%) and 4 males (21.1%) who practiced their professional activity during the period of data collection. A considerable percentage shows overweight (38.9%), and a small percentage (16.7%), history of hypertension. Some of the individuals were practitioners of physical exercise (31.6%) and a small percentage had smoking habits (26.3%).

During the class period, there was an average increase of 2.44 mmHg in Systolic Blood Pressure (SBP) and an average increase of 4.37 mmHg in Diastolic Blood Pressure (DBP), by considering the sample included in this study, DBP undergoes a greater change when the individual is exposed to the stress of their profession.

There is a slight rise in systolic and diastolic blood pressure (mean) during the work period compared to the previous time.