chapter  Chapter 12
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Yes, Videogames Need Story Editors!

WithToiya Kristen Finley

This chapter explains why editors are important for writer’s stories. It explores the types of editors and their daily tasks and also explains how to work with an editor. Editors bring an objective perspective because writers are too close to their own material. A story editor needs an awareness of what players want and whether the game is being true to its genre as far as gameplay and story are concerned. A versatile story editor for games will also have a strong understanding of narrative design and gameplay. Sound worldbuilding takes research, which means an editor needs to fact-check. Editor why it's important to use real-world or fictional analogues in the game's worldbuilding, but the team can take more liberties with Libertalia. The game's characters may have great characterization and development, and the editor can still make suggestions to strengthen them.