chapter  14
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WithTobias Heussner

Game writing is completely unlike any other form of storytelling in that writer, the writer, are collaborating with the player to tell the story. This chapter provides effective critique or how to maintain a universe throughout multiple games and iterations of a game world. Effective game writing requires an understanding of entire cultures. Playtest with romance fans and non–romance fans, gamers and nongamers. Playtest a queer romance with queer people and a game for teens with teens. Playtest to determine emotional engagement and pacing. AAA game development can involve hundreds of people scattered across several studios in multiple time zones and continents. There's a lot of pressure in game development to move quickly, and sometimes story logic is abandoned in favor of “cool” gameplay moments. When writer work on a video game, though, writers' part of a team, and often a small part in terms of numbers.