chapter  Chapter 2
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Why Authentic Diversity, Consultants and Research Are Needed in Narrative Design

WithTanya DePass

This chapter looks at diversity both in the general sense and in defining authentic diversity. It provides resources for diversity consulting. Diversity is having people of various backgrounds, ethnicities, economic statuses, gender identities and cultural backgrounds present, but also actively involved. We always hear the words “diversity” and “inclusion” around gaming, technology and media. Diversity that is thoughtfully portrayed as part of daily life, not an exception to the rule or an anomaly that needs to be explained, justified or otherwise hand-waved as something other than the regular operation of that media's world-building and the experiences of the characters. Often, when people try to have diversity in games, they have one character who is black or brown, female identified or queer and maybe, just maybe if they are really thinking about it, they'll have a character with a physical disability or mental health issues.